Online Class Rates

  • 1Class Pass   Php    350
  • 5Class Pass   Php  1750
  • 10Class Pass Php  3500

     * May change without prior notice.  Payment via GCASH & BDO.  

       **  Days Valid 1, 30, 45  respectively.

Online Yoga Basics


  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach or about two hours after a light meal.
  • Drinking liquids during the class is not recommended.  Drink about 15 minutes before or after a class.
  • Wear comfortable but not too loose clothing.  A shirt tucked in and shorts with knees exposed (so the teacher can check that your legs are aligned and working) are best.  Classes are conducted barefoot.
  • Inform the teacher before the start of the class if you are menstruating or experiencing any pain/recent health concerns so she can adjust the poses for you.
  • Place your computer or phone about 3-4 meters away  from you at waist level or higher, so we can see you better.
  • If your space is quiet, unmute your mic after the invocation.  Otherwise, unmute only when you have a question.
  • If you have wireless earphones/earbuds, wear them for better audio connection.
  • You can hook up your device to the TV so you will have a better visual of the teacher.

Signing up Online

  • A Valid Class Pass is a requirement to join a class. Kindly send us a screenshot of your payment so we can credit your account with the purchased pass.
  • CANCELLATIONS must be made 24hours before class to avoid any charges.  Classes are managed through your punchpass login.
  • 20minutes before class starts, you will receive an email with the link to log into the class.  This link opens the Zoom app if it has been downloaded into your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • The teacher will be online 15mins before class start to answer any questions regarding setup and props.  We encourage you to come in early at the very least 5mins before start of class. 
  • We need at least 4 students to continue with the class.  Should the class be canceled, all registered students will be notified 2hours prior to class start and refunded.