Sankalpa Ohm · 10. December 2020
Denial, that the lockdown was going to happen—and hope, that the lockdown will end soon—were the initial emotions I had in March. For the first few weeks, most of us did some pocket gardening, cleared out cabinets, and endlessly flicked the TV remote for binge-worthy Netflix shows. Then, yippee! Sankalpa Yoga classes via Zoom eventually became the highlight of each week.

Sankalpa Heals · 07. December 2020
20 minutes per day lang. That shouldn’t be too hard, no? But it turned out to be tougher than I thought.

Sankalpa Talks · 04. December 2020
Ever since the pandemic began, the various permutations of community quarantine have limited our ability to do the activities we used to be able to do. Saturdays were my “Me Day”. That’s when I get to do anything that I want to do for myself. The lockdown has meant that now, most of my weekends are spent at home, and I only go out only to get the “essentials”.